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about the artist:

Welcome friends!♡


My name is Kelly and I'm grateful you've made it here. Since my earliest  childhood memories, I have been deeply curious about the underwater inhabitants of Earth and beyond... cephalopods and the infinite nature of the cosmos have been life-long obsessions to say the least.


The name GalaxSea came to me in 2012 when much of what I was creating naturally started gravitating towards my main fascinations: sea and space. During this time, I was working at the Aquarium of the Pacific where I educated the public on the other-worldly creatures of the deep. This work was largely focused on educating people to inspire actionable change through ecological awareness. My love began growing deeper and deeper the more I learned and eventually this is what catalyzed the birth of GalaxSea Artworks.

My artwork has been displayed in galleries all around Southern California including Laguna Beach, Costa Mesa, Tustin, Fullerton, Santa Ana, and Los Angeles. I sell my paintings and prints all around the world with the most common areas being the US, Australia, and Canada.


Artist statement:

The primary motivation in creating artwork is to express my soul’s essence while inspiring a deeper love and connection with our Earth. I stay rooted in my integrity and express from my heart through my hands and words. The process of creating a painting from beginning to completion is a sacred one. Each stroke of my paintbrush falls on a spectrum between extreme precision all the way to just allowing myself to be a channel for creative energy to flow through.


All of the paintings I create encapsulate and echo the love I felt while creating them. Each individual color and the color palettes I express in my work reflect Earth elements that inspire me, spectrums of emotion, astral experiences, memories, etc. Synesthetic stories are woven deep within the fibers of my being and become crystallized in time when the paint dries.


My process of creating art is a mix of intuitive experimentation and intentional practice. I’ve invested countless hours, monetary resources, and emotional/spiritual labor in research and development with my painting techniques. Thus, much of what you see is just the tip of the iceberg- the sum of my failures. The sum of my failures is my biological portfolio. A collection of accumulated experience by experimentation. An investment reflecting my stamina and love for discovery. Something so personal, yet inherently universal. GalaxSea Artworks exists to instill a deeper sense of wonder and respect for the polar opposites of our known universe.


“Individually, we are one drop. Together, we are an ocean.” -Ryunosuke Satoro

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