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My Mission:


As a Fractional CMO and Content Creator, I help eco brands develop a powerful and unique identity through the art of story telling, interactive education, community building, and UGC. Through continuous market research on varying social media platforms, I create brand specific social media strategies AND execute to help scale product based businesses.


As the algorithms of social media platforms are constantly changing, I too am constantly adapting my strategies for optimal growth, engagement, and conversion. By creating customized content plans and execution strategies for your brand, I will help you connect with your audience in a more authentic and meaningful way. I believe in creating growth with sustainability and longevity in mind in order to build a solid foundation for your business.


By implementing my custom strategies, I’ve helped brands reach large audiences of their target demographics and convert loyal community members into customers.

Tik Tok & IG: @KellyLanphier

LinkedIn: Kelly Lanphier


Mushroom Latte for stress & brain fog

This is an example of the ASMR style recipe videos I create for beverage brands in the natural food space. Fast paced, aesthetic, and educational content like this is ideal for running as ads. Optimized for retention and conversion. 



Mushroom blend breakdown

In this video, I detail the benefits of each of the 6  mushrooms in this blend. Speaking about functional foods that have been an integral part of my life for the past decade is so gratifying! I absolutely love delivering the message of the innate wisdom plants and fungi offer us. 


Cozy earth product review

Here's an example of a product review I did for an eco apparel and home goods brand. Bamboo, in all of its forms, is a plant I have deep reverence and respect for. I love sharing with my community about these types of sustainable alternatives!



Sacred Sip Tea Release

To formally introduce this brand’s new product, I directed and executed the marketing campaign. This involved copywriting specific to the new category of products and conceptualizing/filming/ editing the content, all while infusing the brand philosophy and overall mission into this video.


Sacred Soil Bath Demonstration

This is a demonstration video that was requested by the community to show how I create what I call “soil baths”. Utilizing the botanical fertilizer, water, and a blender, I walk you through step by step of how to recreate your own soil bath. Through research and experimentation, I created an entirely new and engaging way to fertilize plants using this brand’s liquid fertilizer. I started blending the solution in my blender and named it the Sacred Soil Bath. This now one of the main vehicles for UGC content as well as the main selling point of this product.




Latte for Plants and People

After helping formulate the ingredients of the new tea featured in this video, I directed the marketing strategy in order to begin building a bridge between plant care and self care. My idea of using the same herbs already in the botanical fertilizer and making them available for human consumption in the form of tea was how I began to merge these concepts. By educating the community on the benefits these herbs have for both plants and humans, I was able to effectively help this brand branch out of solely the plant care niche into more general home and garden.


Botanical Education & Demonstration

By telling a story about this product through the vehicle of beauty and ASMR, this reel demonstrates how to use the botanical tonic while educating about the benefits. This video peaked the interest of a high level influencer and was how we were able to get the product in her hands.



Nigella Education for Product Launch

This reel was created to launch the newest addition to this brand’s online store: nigella seeds. The day I posted this video we immediately sold out of nigella seeds and this video also went viral on Tik Tok. 


Tea Ritual

I created this video to continue the concept of merging plant care with self care. By incorporating the brand language I created, Sacred Plant Ritual, the lines between plant care and self care are blurred. This cross promotion between products made my marketing strategy seamless and effective for capturing both our existing and cold audiences.



Rose of jericho

viral video

This is a reel I created using some footage provided by a client. By utilizing a strong hook involving an element of mystery, adding suspense, inspiring through education, and utilizing a CTA I was able to transform this footage into an informative and inspirational reel that went viral. Reaching over 3.6 million views, this video was used for the launch of the rose of Jericho which sold out within hours.


Tea Infusion Demo

This is an ad I created for a tea brand to demonstrate their glass tea infuser. With short, aesthetic clips coupled with a voiceover, this video is educational and tells a story about this unique product. 




The Farm DRop
recipe asmr 

A local farm to table delivery service reached out to collaborate and I created this ASMR style recipe video making a grilled cheese and side salad. Featuring all of the small businesses included in the recipe, this video was used to cross promote many local farmers and their delicious offerings!


Papaya boat

I created this video for one of my favorite brands, Cocojune, featuring their coconut yogurt in a papaya boat. Satisfying, simple, and easy to follow ASMR style recipe video.



Screen Shot 2022-04-12 at 4.03.09 PM.jpg

When I joined this start up at the beginning of October, I was able to double this business’ Shopify conversion rate from 1.5% to over 3% in just over a month’s time. I was able to achieve this by assessing the goals of this business, creating a comprehensive marketing strategy, executing, and using the data from IG analytics to continuously revise my strategies.

Curious what customized content and social media strategies could look like for your brand?

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